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Please read carefully

The minimum age for car rental is 21 years old. Drivers are required to have a driving license issued for more than 1 year. For luxury vehicles or with a capacity equal to or greater than 7 seats, the minimum age is 25 years and the driver must have a driving license issued for more than 2 years. Passport or ID card is required.

The customer, when entering into the respective contract, will prove the respective identification. In case of traveling outside the portuguese territory, the customer must notify Rentolitoral in advance when the contract is signed.
The grantor who concludes the contract on behalf of a collective legal person or company will be liable in the alternative for the obligations arising from the contract.
The customer will not be able to use the vehicle to transport a greater number of people than authorized for the vehicle, nor to transport cargo with a greater weight than the authorized for the vehicle.
The customer is entirely responsible for all fines that occur due to the violation of the driver/road code, with the exception of, under normal conditions, the circulation seal and mandatory periodic inspection.
It is expressly forbidden to assign, dispose of, sublease or encumber the vehicle, or to participate in any type of sports competition with it.
Rentolitoral reserves the right not to deliver or to remove the vehicle from a customer covered by the contract, when it considers that there are doubts about its solvency or the nature of the activities it develops.

The Delivery and Return of the vehicle will take place at Rentolitoral's facilities if another place is not stipulated. Whenever the distance from the place of delivery or return justifies it, Rentolitoral may charge the customer an amount to be stipulated for this extraordinary service.

If, at the time of the customer's return of the vehicle, a defect is detected in the respective structure, in its operation, or the lack of any accessories that do not result from accidents covered by the insurance, the customer will be responsible for the expenses incurred in the respective repair and / or replacement and operating losses due to the possible immobilization of the vehicle.

The customer is obliged to maintain the correct oil level, being reimbursed at the end of the contract for the expense that he may have incurred.
The customer must also check and control the adequate water levels in the radiator and adopt recommended measures, to avoid freezing, under penalty of negligence being responsible for the expenses that originate in the repair of the vehicle and for the damages resulting from the non-observance of these rules.
If, when the vehicle is returned, the customer is not present, or if he refuses to sign the document that is drawn up certifying the defects in the respective structure, functioning or lack of any accessories, it is to be considered for all purposes as certified and recognized those indicated by Rentolitoral.

Through the contract, all civil and criminal liability arising from the respective use is transferred to the customer and the driver of the vehicle. The customer or the respective driver will be responsible for the settlement of fines, court costs, attorney's office and fixed indemnities, as well as any other expenses that Rentolitoral has to pay due to the use of the vehicle by the customer, exempting Rentolitoral from all and any responsibility.
Rentolitoral is not responsible for theft or damage to objects found inside the vehicle.
Rentolitoral insures all its customers through a civil liability insurance covering damages caused to people, animals or things.
In the event of an accident, the client will inform Rentolitoral of the incident within a maximum period of forty-eight hours.

All prices are subject to the current VAT rate.

When picking up the rental car, it is necessary to deposit a security deposit that will be 100% refunded upon the return of the vehicle.
Group A/B/C/D – 750€
Group E/F – 1250€
Group G/H/I – 1500€
Group 1/2 – 750€
Group 3 – 1000€
Group 4/5/6/7 – 1500€
The payment of tolls or scuts is the sole responsibility of the customer, who must inform Rentolitoral of the use of these services when the rental vehicle is delivered.

The customer is responsible for damages caused to the vehicle up to the limit of the deductible, if they are caused by negligence or improper use, the customer's responsibility is the total amount of the vehicle repair.

Documentation accompanying each car;
Certified copy of the property register and booklet;
Green card of insurance;
Two copies of the rental contract;
Tax Coupling;
Inspection badge;
Friendly statement;

Safe Driving;
Always follow the road code;
Check the tire pressure;
Check the vehicle's water and oil levels regularly;
Respect the car's weight and passenger limits;
Always check revisions at the recommended intervals.